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  1. Custom made Leather Squadron jacket patches WW-2 era

    Hello, I make WW-2 era Leather Squadron jacket patches , any unit of that era, see some images here and please visit my facebook page for many more images of various works I've done, enjoy and Semper...
  2. Thanks for the lead , but MABS-26 isn't on thier...

    Thanks for the lead , but MABS-26 isn't on thier site , so I'm still looking , I ahve a black and white image but I believe it to be of the "korean" era and not the latter 70's-80's version I'm...
  3. MABS-26 emblem image needed...........................

    Hello I am searching for the early 70's-80's emblem image for Marine Air Base Squadron-26 (MABS-26) I make leather unit patches and a unit member wants one made and I have no image to go by.
    If you...
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    Excussssssssse Me !!!!!!!!

    Yes I'm not Marine, was ex Navy ,I know not the same, anyway ,Excuse me for disturbing Ya'lls little Click , not a very nice buncj here I can see, I was just trying to let some veteran know what I do...
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    Custom made WW2 Leather squadron patches

    :iwo:Hello and thanks to All Marines for your service In WW2/Korea/Viet Nam/OIF and those currently serving, it is very Much appreciated !!!!!!!
    I'm an artist of WW-2 era USMC flying unit patches on...
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    I do ID's of WW2 USMC Flying unit emblems

    Hello all Marines, I am a researcher of WW2 military aviation unit emblems, I specialize in that era, I do free ID's of emblems of the USMC/USN/USAAF ,if you have any you are not sure what they...
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    WW2 Leather Aviation Unit Patches

    Greetings all former pilots/crew,I make new leather USMC aviation squadron patches of WW2 flying units,I'm good and have been doing them for over 25 years,Please contact me direct at my e mail for...
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