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  1. Cbrn Getting stationed in Monterey and PCS advice

    Im currently coming up at my four year mark and actively looking for where I might wanna go next. Any fellow devils know how likely it is to get stationed in Monterey and as cbrn?
    Another question I...
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    First Term Lat-Move

    Hey Gents,
    Iím coming up on my eas and currently thinking about re-uping with a latmove. Iíve heard that first term marines usually get a little of a say so where they go next. However since Iíd be...
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    First term Latmove

    Iím currently coming up on my fourth year and looking to lag-move however Iíve heard as a first term you usuallly get a say in where you go next. With that being said, if I lat-move will I still get...
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