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  1. Help. Need to gain weight before Sunday.

    So, short story. I need to gain about 4 lbs before Sunday. My recruiter asked me not too long ago if I wanted to go to boot camp earlier. I said yeah, and I got a call a few days ago saying he had a...
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    Gaining weight problem

    My recruiter recently sat down to talk to me about how me being underweight is an issue. After I enlisted, he said that it wasn't going to be a big issue. I'd just be put on double rats. I'm 5'11'',...
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    Try running longer distances. This has helped me...

    Try running longer distances. This has helped me a lot. Also, once a week do
    speed training. For example, do 30 seconds of sprinting, and then a minute of jogging. Do that for a mile-mile and half....
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