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  1. Do you really learn how to fix automobiles being a mechanic in the Marine Corps?

    I'm enlisting in the Marine Corps in a few months and I'm not yet set on which MOS to go for. So far I've narrowed it down to 3521, Automotive Organizational Mechanic and 0311, Rifleman.I really want...
  2. Can I be a linguist in the Marine Corps if my MOS is not a part of 26XX?

    I'm not a citizen but am a permanent resident, and I'm enlisting in the Marine Corps next summer. (After recruit training I'll be naturalized)
    being a non-citizen limits my ability to have certain...
  3. Is my permanent duty station permanent for the whole enlistment or will it change?

    Hi, I'm joining the Marine Corps next summer.
    There are a few reasons as to why I'm joining, but one of the major reasons is to see the world.
    I know that after boot camp, SOI and MOS school, I'll...
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