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    One more contacts question. (vision)

    Good evening Marines, poolee Rogers here. I have a question that I haven't been able to find the answer to, and I have done some extensive searching, probably not good enough but It's probably...
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    Just like the Marine above me said. Your...

    Just like the Marine above me said. Your recruiter will not send you to boot with you being over weight. The problem with you not losing weight isn't that you're not doing the right things, it's that...
  3. Thanks for the responses Marines, but my...

    Thanks for the responses Marines, but my recruiter didn't want to chance it and told me that all emphatmines had to be out of my system before he would feel good about sending me to MEPS. Since I...
  4. Tried searching (medicine related), but will Phentermine DQ?

    I am about to be headed to MEPS on Wednesday to do my ASAB and then on Thursday to do my physical. The question at hand right now is, will I be able to join the Marine Corps since I was prescribed...
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