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    I updated my profile, maybe that will help. sent you an email today. Check your spam. I'd post a pic but I suck at this crap. I don't even text. From avionics to technophobe. Great progress huh. You did know me,I used to pass out in front of the hooch after closing down the 123 club, but your memory is probably as screwed up as mine. You came to visit me when I was stationed in Seattle at the naval reserve base on lake washington before they closed it down and moved to whidby island. I even went to your mom's house for some damn reason, but I don't remember that either. Anyway if ya don't remember, ya don't remember. It is good to know you're doin ok. For some reason, that seems comforting. Gettin old I guess. Go figure.
    god bless... Larry Arnold
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    Every once in awhile I run into guys who were in and around DaNang and recall the ammo dump,outdoor movie theater, chow hall all getting hit..I remember being put on reactionary platoon during Tet and I was about 2-3 weeks short...Old salt Master Sargent giving me crap about it. I work for the VA and some of the old World War II Marines are the best. Most of the guys from the early days are gone but still a bunch from Okinawa and even 1 or 2 old China Marines, the stories they tell are funny and they love to tell them.
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    Hey RocketMan-just saw this as I logged on.NO-I don't have any children in this life;many in other lives that I've had.MY life has not really been a lot of fun-I'm kind of obsessive-I have many hobbies-but a very short attention Span.I'm preety much like I was in Nam.Never liked to sleep at normal hours-I'm a Party Animal-cant drink more than 4 beers in one day.My liver wont let me-I like other things but nothing hard.I can indulge now a little bit.When I had a bone-it with the Tinnitus-was like Acid-(multiplied a thousand times). Had a few girlfriends in my life-but never got to the alter.I had two-girlfriends that wanted to be married but the real tenderness and love I was seeking was not there.Right now I would like to find a Spanish girlfriend-that will be there for you.Then again I'll take anything that is somewhat attractive-and has some knowledge of life and can have a conversation.I think-Dylan's best-line in music:This Life is but a Joke.I try very hard now to enjoy my life-I do not like being retired-don't really like x-ray.It pays well in New York-but I have had my share of radiation.I don't know what to do?.I can read well and always wanted to be on the radio.I'm told I have a radio voice-but I don't hear it.It's clear-but I'm no Art Bell,or George Noory.Time will go by-quickly-no matter what you do.Are you happily married-you are lucky.How old are your daughters-Your a lucky man-Rocketman and you deserve it.Any questions-Please call-me---------Allan Wilder-1718-823-1641- I really remember you were a good guy-that's why I remember you.My Memory from Nam is good-because I think it's really a form of PTSD.Didn't want to say this on a thread-These Marines and Corpsman-have no mercy.They think combat makes you.That's Bull SH*T-what you see and feel makes you.I'm running out of stories.I have one-where I was stupid and Drunk-in the EM-Club.This Marine kept calling me baldy-continously-I was very vain and naive-in those days.I waited for him-and told him I was going to kill him.He got down on his knees and begged me not to kill him.I felt like a Real-Heel and hated myself at that moment.I am not proud of this.This is so unlike me.....My question is-should I tell this story-to show that I was an ass?-to let these people know I was humane .You have to be a masochist -to be a good Corpsman.You have to be a Masochist-to really want to suffer as an X-Ray tech.I wanna have fun now.I'm living okay-I can pay my bills-but there is nothing-that sets you free like money if you know how o use it.It's a tool that I'm still learning about.I have never been very materialistic.Lost a great deal of Ging in the stock market-that's my only gambling vice.Mutual-Funds-that's what I used to follow.Now I'm down about grand in the S&P-But It's minor....So Rocketman-I'm glad you made something of yourself.Try to find something to do-that will stretch your mind-and wont hurt you.Maybe learn to play the guitar.My problem is I wanna play-not learn-so I'm stuck being a Beginner.I love it though.I once got made at my Sony 512-ram-laptop and put it away for two years.Now I have a 4gig memory-Acer-and it's slow also.I have learned patience with computers.You probably have an Apple-runs better than Windows.This post has turned out longer than I wanted but I just wanted to communicate better with you.I never noticed your missing finger-I guess I only noticed-real bad stuff.Bless you and your Family RocketMan
  4. Not good news, But thank you much for the info. Good to talk to you 40 years later, Best wishes.

    Semper Fi
  5. No I don't remember other than 1969.
  6. Great photos; I did my 12 months and 20 days in the bomb dump, and rotated to CONUS shortly before it went up. Do you remember the date?
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