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    Here's a picture of what you dropping out of high school and trying to enlist in the Corps with a GED in a few years will will look like.

    Let me relate this to a recent occurrence... I was in the office with the NCOIC of the recruiting station the other day, and there was a call on the phone. He picked it up, and it was a guy who was looking for more information about joining. The first question he asked was, "Do you have a high school diploma?" He said no, that he'd gotten his GED and was currently attending college. The Gunnery Sergeant said, without skipping a beat, "Sorry, we can't do anything for ya. Look into they Army, they may take you" CLICK. The phone conversation lasted all of about 12 seconds.

    You're 16. Stay in school, tough it out. I don't care how long it takes you or what - you think dropping out and getting a GED is easier? You're wrong. Sounds to me like you're looking for a shortcut. Stick with it, you can do it. They may be C's and D's, but damnit that'll get you a high school diploma, which looks a whole HELL of a lot better than a GED with some half assed, random college credits. You think getting a high school diploma is hard? Try going to a community college that will be offering a liberal arts program, which means you're eventually going to have to take some actual Core classes, which are a whole hell of a lot more in depth than high school classes. That's assuming you actually get into the community college with a GED and a decent SAT score - which brings up another point. If you take the ****ty GED route, you're eventually going to have to take the SAT to attain those college credits you want to earn to become a Marine - that's assuming they'll even take you as part of the OLD 5% STATISTIC OF ACCEPTED GED'S INTO THE MARINE CORPS. Ever taken an SAT? It sucks. If you can't finish high school, then I assure you the 4 hours you have to take the SAT will be the most frustrating, ****ty 4 hours of your academic life you'll ever incur, and will probably end up as a train wreck. Sitting through those classes and making C's and D's will prepare you a whole hell of a lot better, and will assuredly get you into the Corps a whole heck of a lot faster than trying to be that 5% - which, mind you, is now an old statistic. That was based on the amount of GED's they took BEFORE they ever met their recruiting goal to expand the Corps to 202,000 Active Duty Marines this past summer. Here's a link for you to look at real quick.

    "General Milstead said that in 2008, the corps had its most bountiful recruiting year since 1984, bringing in about 42,000 new Marines. He also noted that the quality of recruits was higher: nearly 99 percent this year are high school graduates, up from 95 percent in 2007.

    Basically, standards are increasing, and the bar is being set higher and higher.

    The Armed forces aren't hurting for volunteers anymore, it's no longer just walk in and sign up. You have to work for it now. You have to want it. I'm telling you. I'm begging you. You'll thank everyone one day when they told you, tried to motivate you, BEGGED you to stay in school and get your high school diploma. It makes all the difference in the days we live in now. Stay in, tough it out, and work HARD. Put effort into it, a LOT. If you're making C's and D's but your half azzing it, then you could be making B's with a little bit of effort, help, and studying. Don't do it for anyone else other than yourself. Make it your goal. Get through it, you can do it. You can DAMN well do it. Don't drop out, don't settle for less. As Marines always say, ALWAYS strive to be the BEST at what you do; NEVER QUIT, AND NEVER GIVE UP. Put in your time through high school. Get that shiny diploma, and walk across the stage and graduate. Then you're home free academic-wise into the Corps, without a shadow of a doubt. It's the easier route in the long run, and probably the only way to get in the Corps in the next few years down the road. Don't give up. Keep pushing through. Do. Not. Quit.
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    Go to a pulmonologist. Request a Methacoline Challege test. Take it. If you pass it, have the Doctor write a letter saying you don't have asthma at all. Take the test results (ALL of them, the numbers and everything), and that letter to your recruiter. He'll take care of it from there. I just swore in 2 months ago with an Asthma waiver.
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    Go to the Poolee Hall, at the bottem of the first page or top of the second there is a thread called "Whats your PT." Read it and go from there
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