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LoveMuffin | Camp Lejeune

LoveMuffin | Camp Lejeune
LoveMuffin | Camp Lejeune (0 min 30 sec)
07-15-14 at 11:50 AM
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LCpl Jeramiah Drumi
Camp Lejeune/CLR 27 Disbursing.
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    I didn't expect to see this here at all. I thought I am being sent to a page when I can learn how can I download forge of empires but then an even more entertaining video came up on my screen! You must be having a good time filming this. You really nailed it as much as I nail it every time I play

    Anyway, being a member of the Marine is no joke and I salute you for being able to pull off some stress-relievers like this one. Looking forward to more entertaining videos.
  10. Hugofirst1994 -