AIRWING MARINES (Rotary or Fixed)

AIRWING MARINES (Rotary or Fixed)

  1. Zapablast05
    There's always room for GSE in the mix!

    Currently stationed at MCAS Pendleton MALS-39 GSE.
  2. Cabello E
    Cabello E
    Vmfa 115 Mcas Beaufort '07-'11
    Sfwd-1 Nas Fallon '09
    Operation Iraqi Freedom '08
    West Pac '09-'10
    F-18a-d, E-f Plane Captain
  3. Cpl Heglar
    Cpl Heglar
    Served at HMX-1 under Reagan and Bush Sr. in from 86 to 92 with a little yankee white clearance. Any HMX1ers out there?

    Took my A school in Millington Tn. Love those volunteers. MSU had some beautiful women some hated marines most loved them!

    Cpl Kev
  4. SNestler
    I posted a few photo's from back in my daze on the Flightline, Good times!
    Semper Fi!,
    Nestler Avi. HMH-361 (75-79)
  5. SNestler
    Hey! Where are all the "airdales" ?
  6. jarhead7377
    Anyone from HML-367 on here from 74-75 or MARTD So Weymouth NAS 76-77
  7. yankee pappa 13
    yankee pappa 13
    im a rotor head skid kid with a long list of goodies after millington mag 14 cherry point football 1979 then 269 , hml167,swim instructer new river pools, sar swimmer, nato cruise norway haiti in 80 anyone make that trip,then camp pendelton after shipping over hmla 369 crew chief saw2 the iowa clear her throat of san clemente saw the first aireol refuel of an 53 echo with gen comfort at the stick then oki camp futenma then by strange arainment wound up in barbados tell ya the rest later semper fi TAZZ
  8. tomwilliams134
    Trained at NAS Meridian MS 2004 (6046)
    Stationed at MCAS Miramar 2004-2007 (VMFA(AW)-121)
  9. CplLakota
    I was stationed at MWSG-17 , Camp Foster, Okinawa, Japan. Or better known as "The Rock" for my first 2 years in the Corps. Heavy "Junk operator,lol. Mostly off - loaded the aircraft carriers down at Naha port. Other times we off-loaded C-5A's that landed at Kadena Airbase, got to see my first Blackbird there back in 1984, that was cool.
  10. BSmall
    Completed my initial courses at NAS Millington, TN and then got sent to Cecil Field in Jacksonville, Florida.

    Ended up at MCAS El Toro and MCAS Miramar with VMFA-314, the Hollywood Squadron.
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