Communications Marines

Communications Marines

  1. sdheylmann
    I was 2542 at KMCAS (3rd Mar Regiment). I still get up at 0 dark 30 even though I don't have to go get the messages from the base comm ctr
  2. stormn11
    I am an old 2533 guy. Trained at MCRD SanDiego, VN 70-71. The only morse I remember is the dit dit dah dit, dit dit dah (:
  3. jamielang1951
    I was with 1st MAW, MWHG-1, MWCS-1 DaNang Vietnam 70/71. I was a 2542 with a TS. I got to see a lot amazing messages with that TS in Nam.
  4. Ronal5
    I went to Field Radio Operators School at Camp Pendelton in 1963 as a 2531 went to 1st BN 4th Mar in Comm plt. also went to Camp Lejuene as a A.N.G.F. as it was known to be in 1966. I carried a PRC 10, PRC 25, I believe it was a PRC 47 Big son of a gun had wet cell batteries.
  5. BaseCommCLNCdaw
    Hi Fellow “Communicators!”

    I was at Camp Lejeune in the years between June 1961 and Aug. 1964.
    I got orders for Base Communications Center, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C. out of Comm-Electronic School Bn. San Diego in May. I was fifth in class standing so I got 5th choice, which for me was my number one choice. It was great duty there at Base Comm. While I was there (I left for 2d MarDiv about FEB. of 63) lots of Base Comm people came from places like 2d MarDiv., Force Troops, Eighth Comm Bn., Iwakuni Japan, Camp Geiger, and other posts of the Corps. When I was there were about 55 watch-standers working comm-center, crypto, and the radio station.

    Base Comm (RBEKEH) was the central relay station for all communications (except online crypto) sent and received at Camp Lejeune. It was a torn-tape relay center for (RBEKEHA) Second Marine Division, (RBEKEHB) Force Troops FMFLant, and downlink tributaries like Marine Corps Engineer Schools, ITR Camp Geiger, Naval Hospital, the Fixed land radio station (NNR), and the Rifle Range Detachment.
    New River Air Facility had its own direct link with (RBEK) Norfolk.

    Below are the names of most of the people who came through during the years 61 - 65, with duty at MCB Camp Lejeune Communications Center; most lived in Comm Platoon Bldg 53 (brks.). those who were brownbaggers and lived off base are marked*
    Besides the people who worked at Base Comm at Bldg-1, there was crypto (Bldg 59 next to the WM barracks), and the base Naval Radio Station manned by Marines, on the Main Service Road over by the old Naval Hospital building.

    Some of these folks were from or went to 8th Comm Battalion, and Comm Center Second Marine Division (bldg-2) and
    Camp Geiger

    Arranged in blocks of 5-each - Spelling doesn’t count; random order; some first names are missing.

    The Names:

    Leo LeBlanc RIP (Lake Charles LA) - Stanislaw Jurgelewicz (RIP Mexico NY) - Mike Dagenais (from LA) - Hal Pearson - Cpl. Kramer*

    Dennis Sheets* - Curtis Moldenhauer* Lived in Swansboro - Bob Logan (radio station or crypto) * - Clifford (“Six”) Gorenflo (from OH) - Richard Callagy - “Cal” (from PA or MA)

    Ken Bauman Radio Station - Cpl. Bell* - Robert Craig radio station - Cpl. Zajeski radio station - Donna Lee Wheeler (from Bangor Maine)

    Cy Colpoys radio station (from Buffalo NY) - Sgt. Clarence Perkins - Sgt. Carroll French - Sgt. Smithman - Sgt. Daniels

    Cpl. Roy - Sgt. Hill - Lt. Lyman - Lt. Renfro - Lt. Keller (male)

    WO Keeler (female) - John Weaver (now Colorado State University; Weather research) - Joan Oliver (m. Pesheck) - Sgt. Janet Kemmerer - Lt. Segal

    Tom Sobanski (wrote poems about Marines and such) - Sgt. Sulski; Crypto - Billy Ball (son of Ambassador George Ball? no sure) - Dave Atkins (Chet was his uncle) - Tom Hazlette

    Cpl. Jerry Merritt ------(Good guy but heavy drinker) - Lonnie Arnold* - Ken Spratke - Bert Leasure* - (?) Angelo

    Tom Warfield* - (?)Chickey(?) - (?) Whitley - (?) Garcia - Rudy Johnson (singer with The Essex)

    Kay Berry - Joyce Coleman - Judy Long - Denny McMann - Radakovitz (He may have been Scotty; not sure)

    (?) Donaldson WM - Penny Bishop - Clete Varney - Sharon Mahugh - Jerry Hartnett

    Larry Little - Joe Halton - Pat Kissel - Bobby Russell (from NYC) - (?) Packey

    Richie Battle - Wanda Tankersley - Janet Januszewski - Johnnie Graham (female) - Sgt Edington * Crypto

    S/Sgt Charlie Springer* - Gy. Amyx (Comm Chief - just days) - M/Sgt Dunn (just days) - Gy Sgt Crawford* - Willie Eichelberger (from East St. Louis IL)

    John Gansert (from St. Louis - Robert Cheely (from GA) - Hollis Beverly - John Martino (twin of Jules Martino) - Eileen Noble

    Myrta K. Moon - June Hightower (Lake Junaluska NC) - Harriet Rose Shade (Native American; dated Bob Fulmer, taught at Montford Point Comm school) - Bob Fulmer (Crypto Center bldg 59)

    Al White - (?) Snipes - (Tommy ?) Pelletier - Rosa Perez LeBlanc (lives in Beaumont TX) - Buck Mast (from Illinois)

    Judy Rose Johnson Mast (from Halo KY) - Evelyn Badeaux Misiano RIP (from Baton Rouge LA) - Sal Misiano (from Kings Park LI NY now in W. Palm Beach FL) - Rita Duckworth - Charlie Schrader

    Gene Byers (from INDPLS IN) - W D Linton (wrote lyrics “Easier Said Than Done”) - Joe Blando, CRYPTO (from Darien CT) - Robert Saunders (from Canada) - Willie Kober (from Sheboygan WI) (last saw him stationed at Camp Elmore VA)

    Capt. David Hawkins - Richie Highton - Joyce Giles (from Tennessee) - Jeanie Anderson (from Baltimore) - Floyd Bailey

    Jonnie Ericson - David A. Wright (from Bloomington IN) - (?/robert) Sorrells (from VA, discharged about beginning of 62) - William Peter Palmer (NNR) - Allan J Konz - John E Bensen (From Bensenville IL)

    Others same time period 2nd Service Bn, 2nd Mardiv - and Second Shore Party Bn, 2d Mardiv
    S/Sgt L.M. Snow -Corporal Zinn - Corporal Mouton - Corporal David Wright (from Bloomington IN)

    (all were then PFCs)
    Gordon -Thieme (from Wisconsin) - Lenou (“Lennie” from MN) - Christopherson

    Forrest W. Davis (Sand Bridge VA; in same neighborhood as Admiral Zumwalt lived) - Robert E. Hutt (PVT) (Syracuse NY)
  6. JTMondal
    2844 well 41 now. Semper Fi Marines.
  7. 614joe
    Hello Marines junior hard-charger here. I went in as a 0612 Field Wireman but after school ended they told me to report for 0614 ULCS Switchboard Operator/Maintainer school. I trained out of 29 Palms and was stationed with 9th Comm BN out of Camp Pendleton, 02/06.
  8. scarvin33
    I was a 2542 Marine and was stationed in Okinawa and Lejeune. I now have 2 sons in the Corps and one is a 0311 and the other is a 0612.
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