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Freedom Tax

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Freedom Tax

As the war continues in Iraq and our country becomes more and more divided over the issues and the possibility of having to reinstate the draft or some type of lottery system in order to supplement our combat units that are being depleted twice as fast as they can find replacements to train and send to Iraq.

So for your review and consideration I have come up with a few suggestions of my own that may solve the problem. In order to avoid the riots and protests of the 60ís and 70ís we will implement a Freedom Tax, yes thatís right a Freedom Tax.

If you do not want to go to war and fight for your country or your freedom, no problem as history has taught us, it is the few who provide the freedom for the many and it will always be like that as long as you have loop holes and college deferments you will have those that can afford to send their children to college while patriots water the plants of freedom with their blood and lives..

The Freedom Tax will be based on a percentage of the combined income of the individual and their parents overall income and net worth, in other words the more you and your parents make the higher the Freedom Tax will be, why should the middle class keep funding both sides of the fence.

As an example letís say you and your parents make a combined income of 350 to 450 thousand dollars a year, your tax will be 50%, this tax will continue as long as the war does and why is that, because as long as you continue to leach off the system while others die and fight for your freedom, youíll keep paying, no more free lunches Joe College.

Ok what are we going to do with the Freedom Tax, simple we will use it to supplement the income and living expense of the families of the brave men who are fighting for your freedom and mine. Why should their families have to suffer and subsist on a below average income while you go to college or chase the neighbors daughter and reap all the rewards this great country of ours has to offer.

My parents and I donít make that kind of money, no problem we will enlist you in the Housing Corps, the Housing Corps will consist of those that donít have the money or the balls to stand up for their country.

You will work a 40 to 60 hour a week and make the same wages as our service people do, you starting wages will be that of a Private, as you gain knowledge and become more proficient at your job you will be moved up a pay grade just like in the service. If you screw up on the job instead of getting canned youíll get demoted a pay grade.

Youíll sign a contract, however unlike the service contract yours will continue until the war is over, why should you have an advantage over those that provide the very freedom that you breathe.

The Housing Corps will be assigned areas of responsibility through out the United States, they will be responsible for reconstructing and reshaping the inner cities and low income homes. They will build roads, clear land and contribute to the general welfare of our country.

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If you decide to take a powder the automatic sentence will be ten years in prison and loss of your citizenship, when you get out of prison we will pick you up and escort you to the nearest airport, we will buy a ticket to any place in the world you want to live except for the United States and itís territories, go leach and burn another countries flag.

We sincerely hope you will let us know the outcome of your protest and flag burning episodes and how it all turned out, we realize it will take some time for your hands to heal up before you can write, hey maybe theyíll only hang you from your feet and beat you with a belt instead of a baseball bat.

When you get out of the hospital and do your remaining 50 years in prison for subversive actions against your new county & government give me a call weíll do lunch, but it will have to be in another country, because you will be a persona nongrata, a person of non existence.

Now to address the Hollywood types the biggest whiners and leaches of them all, since they do not poses any real talent nor can they contribute any thing worth while to the betterment of our country and we have enough bull**** to go around, they will be put to work in the Navy, Army and Veterans Hospitals empting bed pans and taking care of the every day needs of our returning servicemen & veterans.

If they refuse to comply then its bye bye time, send them to some 3rd world country where they can get forged papers, wash dishes, clean streets, and clean up the dog **** in the public parks. All of your properties and estate will be confiscated and used to build new Hospitals and provide medical treatment for those who canít afford it.

To show you Hollywood types that we are not all business part of the monies from your estate will go to provide free day care for families who need it and the rest will go to a scholarship foundation for students who deserve to go to college and who can really make a difference and not just go to chug a lug beer and waste daddies money on an education you will never use because youíve had your hand for so long for long that you donít how to do anything else except bleed your parents dry of their money.

Any and all veterans who have ever served their country will be exempt from such a tax, youíve already paid your dues and more, as for the low income families who need the support and help of their grown children they will be exempt from having to serve in the armed forces, they will get a low income deferment, there will be rules & guide lines that you will have to follow.

Sean Penn, Rosie OíDonnell, Susan Surandon and our all time favorite Jane Fonda will be heading up your delegation, I found an add in the Guiana Real Estate listings you may want to check out it reads ďFormer Religious Camp for sale in quaint jungle setting ď cookies and Kool Aid will be served at the open house.

Just One Grunts Opinion


  1. Yancy Brown's Avatar
    Please let me sign and pass this bill,make it a law today.
    Lclp.Brown 88-92
  2. sgt tony's Avatar
    Amen where do I sgin
  3. Tim Self's Avatar
    Now this sounds so worthy I could cry. However, we all know it could never happen cause these same lazy, leaching, "non-combantants" have their politician "Daddies" that would never vote it into law. And those of who have served are a in a "higher class" than these pukes will ever be.
  4. jpetito's Avatar
    Check out the book on the USMC reading list for Privates:
    Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlin. No, the book is nothing like the fluff movie of the same name.
  5. kfisbusy's Avatar
    I would like to sgin it to law Lets not forget ted tunner along with jane fonda
  6. William Hardy's Avatar
    LMAO - good thoughts. I wish something like that could be done. One of you guys quoted Lincoln saying something about anyone who spoke against the soldiers engaged in the current war should be shot. (paraphrasing since I don't have the exact quote handy) Jane Fonda? Is she an American? I know of a Henry Fonda who left Hollywood to serve in the Navy during WWII. The only Jane Fonda I know is listed as a hero of the Communist Revolution in the War Museum in Hanoi.
  7. kenrobg30's Avatar
    With our country facing the worst 'Depression', it has ever faced, I'd say it's time to 'Pull our heads out of the sand', as the saying goes.This Post is pretty much 'On the money'. The problem is, that's all we do, spout cliches, and catch words,and whine about our problems. We blame the politicians, but who tells them what to say, think, and vote for? "It ain't me babe !!'
    S/F111 Ken
  8. nelsonrj's Avatar
    I agree completely with you. I believe they should bring back the " Draft". I served my time in the Corps in Vietnam.When I got out I worked in the power co.(15 yrs.),most of us were vets from Nam,Korea or WW 2.They were eager to hire vets back then (early 70's).We all had ,regardless of age,a close bond that can only be explained as a Patriotic shared experience. Some guys were drafted and they were proud of their service.It seems it gives them a sense of ownership and pride in their country. Something that's missing today.
    The rich and their puppet politicians would never pass it. Like I've said before their kids party in collage while the poor and middle class put their ass on the line so they can. Today when vets come home all f...ed up because of what they've seen and done.Who do they end up working for in the big Corporations, the "PRATS"that are wealthy now.With the trophy wife and the house on the beach.It makes me sick.