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Missing Fitness Reports

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I am trying to return to active duty, but have hit a snag. I am missing two fitness reports from several years ago, and have to get the gaps filled in order to reinlist. The problem is I am no longer in, so I am having a hard time getting in contact with the right people. Like they say hand a Marine a rifle good to go, hand a Marine paperwork stand by.
Any solid info in this matter would be greatly appreciated, thanks brothers. Semper Fi


  1. SSgt Interiano's Avatar
    I just registered to this website because I read your blog. The information below should be able to assist you. Although you can locate the RO'S you can always long on to MOL and go to the search and see if you find them that way. If that doesn't work write to the information below explaining your situation to them.
    Hope that helps. Good luck

    If your Report says it has been Processed it is part of your official record. If your Report says Call MMSB please call DSN 278-5690 or Comm (703)784-5690 If your Report says Processing check back in 5 working days(It has been received but not Processed)
    DATE GAPS (31+ Days) :
    Remember these rules:
    1) RT reports should only report periods of active duty lasting 12 to 30 days.
    2) They should be done in addition to an Annual Reserve (AR) report. (Exception: RT report can be omitted if the same RS writes the AR report and the RT falls completely within the AR reporting period.)
    3) You should disregard RT reports when checking your record for date gaps. For more information please read the Date Gap page posted on web site.

  2. pieratti's Avatar
    You have to try and locate your reporting senior. if he is not currently serving, you will have to write a letter to MMSB and they will have to put filler reports in place
  3. blackdogmarine1's Avatar
    hey brother how you doing look i have an uncle in the army that can probably help you out he's a full bird col. so um i dont now the number but im sure i can get it he a lawyer and **** so i dont now nuch of what he does exactly but give some time and i'll get it for you ok semper fi