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Should I go over their heads

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I am currently trying to get back in with an honorable discharge but a RE-3c code. I know it's tough but not impossible. I have been speaking with two prior service recruiters they seem to know each other eventhough they are three hours apart. Every time I speak with one they pass me off to the other. I have a friend who is a DI at P.I. she was out one night and ended up speaking with a CWO and MGYSGT in charge of prior service recruiting down there. She told them my story they both gave her their cell phone numbers and they want me to call them directly. Should I? In the Presidents last State of the Unoin he said that "no person that wants to fight for their country should be denied".


  1. elliscraig12's Avatar
    Your friend did you a favor. The least you could do is call. Regardless of what the President said. He isn't going to help much. A lot of people want back in, myself included. There's just to many of us right now. I'd say your best bet is to join another branch of the service for now, until more slots open up. Good luck. I wish you the best and hope you make it. Semper Fi.
  2. Old Marine's Avatar
    Go reserves which will get you foot in the door, then augment to Active Duty.
  3. Papasan's Avatar
    I agree with the gunny, go reserves, best way to get your foot in the door, also it will depend on what the RE code 3c was for. . . .
  4. Sgt Leprechaun's Avatar
    Unless you are a homo, the President wasn't talkin about you. A 3C means you likely aren't going to get back into the USMC. Realistically, the only way to work this is to go into another branch, do a hitch with them honorably, then re-enlist into the Marine Corps. Plenty of folks do it that way. However, enlistments at the moment, prior service or no, are at a PREMIUM and the Marines are no different. Not trying to burst your bubble but that's just the way it is.
  5. stanman818's Avatar
    When the **** hits the fan again im sure they will take you then.
  6. Jarhead1975's Avatar
    You may want to check with the Veteran's Administration, Berau of Veteran's Affairs on possible upgrade of the RE code. If the can't, then your best bet is to either try your local reserve unit, or enlist in another service, get an Honorable discharge and then reenlist in the Corps.
  7. Bosshog's Avatar
    Check with the Veterans Administration to change your code, all I would get copies of all records make a appointment with your local Congressman and Senator they can help a lot. I would not give easy even if you had go into another branch for 2 yrs then switch over, based on what your rank and how long you've been another branch will give you the same rank or one grade up at least that how it worked when I was in.

    Bosshog, Sgt. Vietnam Vet