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In Search of thes Marines.

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I am in search of these marines, GYSGT. E.C. Wilbanks, Sgt.French, Ruben Flores, John Madsen, George Magargel, Carmelo Mercado, Angel Negron, Franklin Hollingshead, Thomas Clarke, Or anyother surviving member of Platoon 349, I co. 3rd Recruit Training Battalion, MCRD Parris Island,S.C., We graduated on June 4, 1969, I need to Know That Me and Tom Murray were not the only survivors of our Boot camp platoon. You can email me at this website or At


  1. Chuck Thomas's Avatar
    I am searching for Rex David Mays. We entered boot camp May 31, 1979 in San Diego. We caught a plane in New Orleans bound for San Diego. Any information will be appreciated. Send all information to Thanks.