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Motivating excerpt

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People ask, where are the old school American men – the John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Clint Eastwood types. Does the rugged American man still exist: the guy that can cut through the wilderness, survive on skill alone, dress his own wounds, handle his own business, and has both a healthy respect for but yet fearless nonchalance for the death he knows he will eventually meet? Or have we all become the man we see in the sitcoms: wimpy, Frappuccino-drinking namby pambies that spend our days being assailed by our bosses, backing down from bullies, and forgetting that while a healthy respect for the double x chromosome is a must for any chivalric gentlemen, there’s nothing wrong with a little testosterone either.

We know he exists. He is alive and well in camoflauge on the streets of Mosul, Kabul, Bagram, Baghdad, Sarajevo, and Prisitina. He walks defiantly in blue through the streets of LA, NYC, and Miami. And he waits quietly, observing his Second Amendment right to keep him and his family safe from those things that go bump in the night.

Hollywood and the NY Times may bemoan our existence, but we’re pretty sure if you gave us a hall pass for a week and half we'd settle some of these little issues like gang violence, drug runners on the border, and Jane Fonda.

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  1. rufus1's Avatar
    Lets get er done. LET THE BIG DOG EAT. NO MORE LAYING AROUND ON THE FRONT PORCH. KILL ALL THEM SON OF *****ES. We will make us one of them Utopian Societies.
  2. GRC2111's Avatar
    I could not agree with you more Marine!. This country and todays peace loving liberals are turning this country into a bunch of useless pussies. Semper Fi
  3. whlee92's Avatar
    The marine corps is like the unwanted stepchild thats locked in the basement, beaten and treated like ****. so much anger built up that when its finally let out of its cage... americas enemies die.

  4. nelsonrj's Avatar
    SEMPER FI MARINE!!! I couldn't agree with you more.Did my service 43 years ago and I've seen the changes in this country and it makes me sick. this country has turned into a country of (politically correct pussies) afraid to get their hands dirty.There's no honorable, do the right thing leaders. this country was built by"Walking softly and carrying a big stick".I'm close to 63 I've seen the change.Looking back,the only tough, honorable,willing to put their Butts on the the line were Marines. Today you're afraid to really discipline your kids.The collages and universities are greed mills ,where kids come out expecting to make 6 figures and to hell with this Country. that was paid for by strong men, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

    Sgt. nelsonrj
    Semper Fi
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