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Lookin' to make contact with 'boot camp' buddies from Plt#131/1963/MCRD San Diego. AND.......with any of you old jarheads who were ever stationed at Lejeune between 1957 & 1987. According to VA communications, during those years Marines were exposed to contaminated water. I was there most of the time from late 1963 through 1965. Anybody know what the latest scuttlebutt is on this
serious issue?

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  1. doc64al's Avatar
    I filled out a form for a Info Pack and thats all I got And thats been at least a year now Semper Fi
  2. mountainman2553's Avatar
    File a claim now. All claims concerning Lejeune will go to
    Ky. It may take a year or two. A movie will be coming
    out in about 2 months. Its called Semper Fi. I wish you
    the best.
  3. dmetier's Avatar
    Was there 1963 - 1965, never heard of this, what is this about?