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The Marine Corps Is Getting Soft???!!!

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I am here to see what other marines think. Especially the opinion of Marines who have been in a long time and have specifically seen the changes in our Corps over time. I went to boot camp in 2007 and it was easy. I mean when i come home and say that i thought the hardest part of bootcamp was homesickness, i think thats a problem. My cousin who enlisted in 2000 says boot camp sucked was extremely hard and he got ****ed up pretty much. So you can see the difference. In my bootcamp we were the last company to say kill. As some officer decided Kill was politically incorrect and decided it should no longer be said. Then they introduced a no-cursing policy. Also they changed the training back to third phase. So during the crucible marine corps recruits will no longer use molle packs(main packs) they will use day packs(assault packs) because the higher ups feel they dont have enough time to train in the humps for them to handle a full main pack up the reaper. Who gives a crap. Those recruits should just have to deal with the pain and rigours of it. I did. I didnt have enough time to train either. Out of nowhere we would we humping 5 miles with 70 pds of gear. I dealt with it. Besides all this bootcamp is just plain ole getting soft. Every time a new marine checks in with me. THey are showing less and less respect. No regard for authority. Acting relaxed in front of higher ups/officers/SNCO's. They are losign the pride that comes with the rigours of bootcamp and turning out half ass in my opinion. When you are utterly destroyed and make it through you pride yourself 1o times more than accomplishing a cake-walk.


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  1. jimmie's Avatar
    i feel your pain brother i hope and pray my beloved corp does not turn into a bunch of lazy good for nothings when i went thru boot i heard puke and the f word so much when i finally EARNED the title u s marine i thought my name was puke maggot mf.... my corp did not care about hurting someones feelings if being called a name hurt your delicate sensibilities you did not need to be there you should get off the island you have to be tougher than the average person because the marines are the 1st in the last out and if getting called a dip sh#t makes you cry go join the army or something
  2. twaustintcbc's Avatar
    I admire you, a "Nick" who openly admits the Corps is getting soft. Well here is my plan warrior and I want all senior Marines on AD to help me out here. Recruit training has gottn soft and MCT is even softer so after these Marines get to me at one of the formal school houses I spend about 4 hours of my 16 hour day sreaming to un*@#^ them. Not only do I blame this on "MOTHERS OF AMERICA" (the parents for not beating them into submission) but the political agenda of the brass to always impress someone instead of doing thier jobs and allowing the NCO's and SNCO's to do thier job to fine tune civilians into fighting warriors who will come home to thier country after they have put in thier time into the fight. What us as leaders and the young Marines coming in today need to do is keep the fleet hard and forewarn our new Marines upon check in that thier asses now belong to the Corps and we will do what ever necessary to speed them up on the way things are really done, hell at this point we may as well send these young men and women to recruit training to learn drill a little knowledge and then send them straight to the fleet for the instant obedieence to orders ass chewing they deserve and shape them into the warriors they joined the Corps to be. These Marines want to get screamed at they want the pain and they are disappointed when it does not happen they tell me this EVERYDAY! We were all there; we are all like dogs - the harder you kick them the more they come back for it!! We owe it to the Corps to keep our ranks hard!! We owe it to these future Devil Dogs!!!!!!! And we owe it to the safety of our nation!
  3. jimmie's Avatar
    political correctness can kiss my southern a... well anyway they need to let us older generation run things at least then when we send in a killing machine we wont have to worry about the enemy saying hey u pansy etc etc then the fine killing machine run away because his feelings got hurt
  4. Engineer Gunny's Avatar
    I joined in 1981 and all I heard from then up until retirement is how the corps is getting softer. I can tell you, as a former DI that boot camp is NOT the problem! Di's have an SOP to follow that hasn't changed much, but the enforcing of the SOP has. What this means to the average NCO out in the fleet is, don't expect a perfect Marine coming out of boot camp or MOS school. Expect a basically trained Marine, that still needs to be taught and trained, If a young Marine fails to show respect its up to a motivated NCO to snatch him up and take corrective action. As a side note, take it for what its worth... the word Marine should always be capitolized!
  5. teddiaz's Avatar
    I agree. I think it's all screwed up this happening to the Marines or any branch for that matter. But from what I heard, the others had already been getting soft. Some young recruits need to have their buts kicked just to grow up and get squared away. Being a real team member and a Marine we should have the same experiences. Respect for the Corp also comes with this experience painted in your memory about your warrior brothers in the Corp. I don't think I could add to what's already been said ... just that it's sad.
  6. Lcpl Williams's Avatar
    yes yes im afraid i must agree.. i was inspired to join the marine corps because of an army military school i went to when i was younger, and i really really hate to say it but in some aspects it was a bit harder, MayB i was just young and it seemed harder at the time? I dont know? Thats just what id like to think? I went to boot camp in 07 and it was a breeeeeeeeeeze... i actually have to exagerate to friends and family and say how hard it was.. when infact it wasnt...Honestly i dont feel i have earned the tittle like our devil dogs way way before us did
  7. teddiaz's Avatar
    I just have to say, I hope these new recruits are getting the essentials out of their training (mentally, physically, and spiritually) because if their not strong individually and, as a team to fight when they get called up they will suffer the consequences later.
    I went through my boot camp training in early 1967 (At MCRD San Diego). I got to say it was a little rough but I think it took a little that to help me grow and shape up. I didn't get perfect but I got a good start. I think it's true that some things that happened have been horror stories (in those past years) but what can I say?... The Corp has a specific mission and a short time to do it... and, I'm not an expert. Just keep Looking ahead, do your very best and leave proud... with a good experience
  8. advanced's Avatar
    I started PI (real Marine) Jan 67. PI was very physically and emotionally violent "When you joined the Marine Corps you gave up your lives, every day you live is another benny from the Marine Corps, God Bless the Marine Corps." We were run through the swamps and I learned to never ever be a quitter - lower than whale sh-t. We were taught to be "Born Again Hard."

    However, where they later sent us, Hue City, Arizona Territory, Happy Valley, etc. the training should have been much harder.

    But, I must admit the world has changed since then. I haven't told any of my stories in years, first nobody believes them or people looked at me like I was really strange.
  9. 82Marine's Avatar
    I also need to chime in and say that every year it seems to get softer. I joined the Marine Corps in 1982 and even then as much as we were getting our teeth kicked in we were constantly being called the " Pepsi generation" because our senior used to tell us how much more difficult recruit training was when they went through it. " We had a DI brought up on charges of "hazing" he was eventually demoted and removed from the drill field, it was a wild time indeed but looking back I now see that, that kind of training served its purpose. "Mothers of America" have been putting political pressure on the Marine Corps to scale back on the more rigorous and emotional challenging parts of the training. I for one do not need to see a recruit permanently injured but let's be serious gentleman our enemy isn't going to do us any favors either. Just my 2 cents.
  10. HiDezMarine's Avatar
    I personally have not discussed Boot Camp experiences with young Marines I have met,but I will say that my Basic training at MCRD San Diego taught me not only how to survive in the fleet,but how to conduct myself in a military manner,love for my country and love for the Marine Corps.I successfully fulfilled my obligation to my country and the Marine Corps twenty four years ago and I still present myself as if I were still in uniform.I guess you can say what I learned in Boot Camp will leave a life long impression on me.That's powerful.Thanks to my Drill instructors who were relentless,demanding,agressive sometimes overly agressive but always good teachers. God Bless our Country and God Bless the Marine Corps.
  11. cw2533's Avatar
    I arrived at boot camp Nov 16th 1958 and from the first moment I thought I had died and went to hell. My first night was spent with my nose against a brick wall and yelling "Sir Yes Sir" That was the beginning and it got no better until we graduated. Oh yes if we screwed up we felt the pain from a punch in the gut to other things, but it didn't hurt us it made us better Marines. Semper Fi to my DI's Tech Sgt Luty, Buck Sgt Wilson and Buck Sgt Holland
  12. Tanker2141's Avatar
    I went through boot camp in 1965. I heard rumblings about how the "new" Corps wasn't like the old days. Each generation has it's own set of values and its own set of combat readiness and tactics.

    One would like to think we are getting smarter, wiser and developing what is best for the country and the Corps.
  13. semperfigungho's Avatar
    i was in 92-94 boot was no joke then they need to keep up rigorous training to keep up combat readiness so our brothers aint coming home in body bags
  14. Quinbo's Avatar
    The proof is in the pudding. There is a member of this site, NCO at that, who is in Iraq and able to get on the computer ... yea I said it right computer... and ***** because he is cold and hasn't been laid in a week. That is the product of 21 st century kid glove training; whining about stuff you would expect a Marine to be able to handle with ease.
  15. gaboyusmc's Avatar
    i had went through parris island in 2006..i thought it was easy the hardest part for me was not being able to talk to my wife and it kinda ****ed me off that it was not was expected but now that im out i'd go back to bootcamp anytime cause it was fun as hell
  16. gaboyusmc's Avatar
    one thing i did leave out i got called a pussy ***** and a mf along with other things but it still is'nt what it used to be
  17. SGT Hazlett's Avatar
    My 8 years in the Corps we all heard the same thing, like when the crucible started and Marines were checking in all F---ed up. Now alot of those guys are Gunny's and SSGT's. Anyway the Corps has not changed, the NCO's just need to man up and square these Marines away. Boot Camp is what you make of it, some people struggle and some have no problems. Its all about the individual and what you did before you shipped that determines that.
  18. buddy47's Avatar
    Back in my day in the Corps as an Instructor The wimps that failed to produce would write mommy! witch in turn created a group called mothers of America! Who then would write and call the real evil and most destructive force to our Marine Corps The Politicians!!! Need I say more?
  19. Crowe0311's Avatar
    I can't speak for boot camp these days, but I was worked over good when I went in in 1992. Plenty of cussing, and attitude adjustments. Very painful time in my life, but the most positive experience. I doubt anyone in my platoon would use the words easy when describing boot camp. Yea the pt was tough, but you were up to speed real quick, and you were able to complete it. The mental abuse......I think still lingers with me. I'll say one thing about boot camp it makes you into something you never thought you could be. And your able to draw from boot camp all your life when things get tough. I'm a proud Marine, and proud of everyone who earns the title, even if they dont't think it was hard.
  20. ronniejr37's Avatar
    Bravo for stating the obvious!!! I have to give you alot of credit for speaking your mind! I went through in the early 80's. Most of my drill instructors served in Vietnam with a few of the Officers (Usually Mustangs) that had combat experiance as well. When I went through bootcamp, I must say I enjoyed it but it was no fricken picnic...and it was 13 weeks! Every other word was a "four Letter word" or combination and then to top it off, I heard words coming out of the drill instructors mouths and was being called things that I had never heard before. I loved it. Then, the Drill Instructors were allowed to touch you to "Motivate" you...Im sure all of you who went thru in my generation understand what I mean by that. Then there was the Trashing/Thrashing drills and the "pit", anybody remember the "Pit"..Anybody remember the "Whiskey Locker Meetings"....What has happened to our beloved Corps Boot Camp!!! But also keep this in mind, I have had someone in my Family in the Marines since WWI..I was the first and last of my generation to be a Marine or actually enter the miltary at all! So, I have had a relative or family member in the Corps/military almost every decade since the early 1900's.....every generation or decade seems to say that the following decades get softer on the recruits and they had it much harder than us. I believe that to a point. I have had friends that joined the corps in the 90's and into 2000 up to current. It seems to me that Boot Camp started going to hell in the mid to late 90's because of all the poitical correctness crap, reduction of training funds and "we" dont want to offend anybody", I think it has gone way to far and boot camp is now a retirement community....I have heard that the recruits get time outs, get breaks, and can pretty much drop out of a run or hump!!! If you could clarify this for me,,I would appreciate it. The Marines Still has the hardest and longest Bootcamp out of all branches of the military!!!! SO, as far as I'm concerned, every MARINE has earned the title MARINE and still has the best bootcamp training out of any of the other branches!!!! If you have seen the movie "FULL METAL JACKET" that as is close as it gets to what my Boot Camp was like, No kidding!! Any Marine I think would agree with me who entered in the early 1980's and prior.....It still gives me a you know what to watch the first 45 minutes of that movie,,,ooh rah MARINES!!!!!
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