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why i cant go to iraq?

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currently im in a bind, i enlisted in the marine corps to go and fight for my country, but it seems that my command doesnt want me to go, thats why they put marines who are of lesser rank than you on the list for the oif deployment and completly disregard you. i dont think it is fair when the said marine made it clear when asked 2 months ago if he wanted to go, that he wanted to get fabbed out to gate guard. its stupid that your command would let this marine go when he doesnt want to be there. even my snoic was ****ed. i dont understand this at all. what should i do?


  1. sadibenz's Avatar
    Maybe talk with your career planer if you get a good vibe from him/her. They usually have the keys to the back door so to speak in those situations. Well, atleast they used to be able to get stuff done. When, others saw a dead end.
  2. metalmsgt's Avatar
    Most Marines joined the Corps to fight.
    The Big Picture is hard to see sometimes and it may not seem fair but you may just have to be patient and roll with it. The good of the Corps quite often makes the decisions.
    The War on terrorism is not going to go away any time soon. Iraq will be at least 2 more years and Afganistan...God only knows.
    Just think, I waited 12 years after the 1st Gulf War to go back to Iraq and take part in taking Saddam Hussein out of power and get closure for the death of a couple of my buddies who were Killed In Action.
    Our Unit had lost 28 Marines with about 70 wounded in the Al-Anbar Province by the time we returned from OIFII.
    Would I go back again if I could? Definitely.
    I can tell you though prepare yourself for WHEN not if you deploy.

    Learn from where you've been and focus on where you're going.
  3. ggreenwi's Avatar
    "Most Marines joined the Corps to fight." I support the Gunny here. I did not join the Corp to fight, I joined the Corp to serve. In doing so, I prepared to fight. I believe that serving your country does not necessitate being in a fight. Your country will tell you when it is your time to fight. Please remember this: "...I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."

    Serve your country as she asks you to serve. If that means a fight, then fight as you are trained. If it does not, then serve the Corps and the country how you can. In the end, you will be answering the call that she has put out. Now go lead Marines.
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  4. Goodenough89's Avatar
    It's okay cause I was in the same predictament for quite some time. I volunteered for every single deployment there was. I even volunteered to go to 990 which was a fap for what most called **** bags... It eventually came around.