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lloyd holland

How i joined the Corp.

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The day i joined the Marines seemed like only yesterday, but it was 34 years ago. On December 31st 1976, my dad and i were reading the sunday paper when i turned a page and saw a full page ad, "last day for G.I. bill". I looked over at pops and asked him what do you think i should do, dad being a WWII Army veteran who served in the Pacific, threw me the car keys and said, do what you have to do. Well i had just refused an offer from my dad and uncle to send me to Grambling State University, but i couldn't find it in myself to let them, so recruiting station standby. Remember this was a sunday morning when i got to the offices and didn't know what to exspect. So i went down the hall, saw a Marine SSGT. standing in his hatchway, he said "you might as well come in here and talk with me", now am thinking to myself, join up with you guys, HELL NO, so i strolled on down the hall you know with a dip in my hip and a glide in my stride, still back on the block. I passed by the Army, Navy, Airforce and even the Coast Guard, every freaking door was locked, (OH-OH) i thought now i got to go back pass this Marine, when i got up to him he said, "i tried to save you a few steps", this will be something you will never regret. Looking back on that day, he was right, i have had no regrets of joining the Corps, well maybe once or twice during morning PT after partying all night. If i knew then what i know now about the Marine Corps, i would have marched straight into that office and said, new blood reporting for duty, sign me up. SEMPER-FI.

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    It was 1966 and I was going to college in the fall. My younger brother had decided he was going to become a marine and asked for a ride up to see the recruiter in Des Moines. When we walked out of the recruiter's office we were both signed up to go in on the 'buddy plan'. We went through boot camp together, but because I was a year older they made me an 0311 and him a 3043 supply clerk. They sent me to VN first. When I came back, he went over for 2 tours but never got to be in a combat outfit, and he never did let me forget that.
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