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My MOS is needed where?

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America's Finest,

Im disappointed to say that my time on the "Rock" is almost up and most likely heading back in the states. My only concern is to where I may be stationed next. Now, I have heard rumors of a site that shows what MOS's are needed at stations around the Marine Corps. Does anyone know of where I can find it? I'm an 0411, just incase its needed. Much Appriciated.

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  1. SgtMaj Lee's Avatar
    The good thing is, you can go anywhere in the Marine Corps, every unit rates a MIMS Marines. Your 1stSgt/SgtMaj or Career Planner can help you narrow down what your next move should be. You need to look at the needs of the Corps. My recommendations for you would be to look for a unit that is going to Afghanistan, if you have already done that then I would say do a B-Billet. (DI, MSG, Recruiting.) Remember, they are no bad units in the Marines Corps, make that best with the assignment you are given.[/SIZE][/FONT]
    Good Luck
    Semper Fidelis !