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Original 3rd Redeye Platoon

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Looking for any members of 3rd Redeye. Formed up at Pendelton in July '66, trained at 29 Palms and shipped out to Okinawa in Oct '66. Platoon commander was Lt. Steve Patton and I remember SSgts. Grey & Seagriff. Platoon rotated back to 29 Palms in Sept. 67. Myself and a few extended our tour for 6 months for transfer to RVN. I finished up my enlistment as an instructor at OCS, Quantico. I am now an attorney in New Jersey
Ascoli, J. A.
Sgt. 3rd Redeye Platoon


  1. llhalterman's Avatar
    I served with 3rd Redeye Platoon, MCB 29 Palms, Ca. from March 1969-June 1971. Sgt. L. L. Halterman, llhalterman@yahoo.com.