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i need some help

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i know this is a marine VETERAN website but i thought this would give me alot of info. im only 14 and im wanting to be a marine is there any suggestions on what i should do for a workout every day and what has the marine core done for you in your life that you think has helped you lot?
p.s. thank you all for guarding this countryand all other veterans out there


  1. Sender's Avatar
    First off, I should tell you that being a Marine is one of the proudest things that I have ever accomplished and we, Marines, are highly respected in our everyday jobs. I knew for sure that I wanted to join the Marine Corps since seventh grade and I kept myself out of trouble and in school. I have two older Brothers that are Marines and we always share our old war stories about our Marine Corps times and old friends.
    There are a few things I can tell you about getting ready for the Marine Corps. First, stay away from drugs because the Marine Corps doesn't want anyone who uses illegal drugs. Second, stay in school and graduate. We don't want dummies either. Next, do daily exercise and eat the right foods.
    A Marine is characterized as one who possesses the highest in military virtue.
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  2. Brianhipwell's Avatar
    It's great that you're thinking ahead. Just keep on the straight and narrow. Don't start smoking cigarettes. You'll lose lung capacity for the 'million' or so miles you'll have to run. Start running now and shoot for three miles.
    Stay healthy, eat right and maintain an appropriate weight. Do about 10 pull-ups (chin-ups) in the AM and PM.

    Steer clear of stupid things and stupid people. B
    e a law abiding citizen. Get used to short hair, don't get any kind of a tattoo until you'e graduated.....then make sure it's a Marine tattoo!

    I hope that you can be able to become a member of the greatest military force in the world.