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Purple Heart Motorcycle Group

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We have formed a riders' group. ONLY requirement-combat wounded. If you're in Mass, want more info, contact me. mmclellan@att.net or 617 230 5555 in Cambridge.


  1. USMCFreedom's Avatar
    Im currently I&I staff out at Devens. Still Active Duty Nt wounded. Could I still get info on rides?
  2. mikeboston's Avatar
    Hey, my friend (USMCFreedom). Excuse late reply. I usually ck my email more than I'm here. You are entirely welcomed to visit our website 'purpleheartriders.com' and ck the calendar. Our commander is Al Grow (dmz6768@yahoo.com). Riding season is here. Stay in touch.
  3. ageoldmarine's Avatar
    My son and his girl friend live in Baltimore and recently returned from Afg. They ride and should I tell them to contact the group or call the number.Ed