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MOS CE (Combat Support)

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I'm Poolee Hunk, and I leave for basic on July 26 in San diego with my MOS designated as combat support (CE). I've been given a general idea of what that is from my recruiter and some other information but nothing too solid. If someone could help me to understand this MOS a little bit more i would be greatfull.

I would definetley appreciate that someone with this MOS give me more intel on it.


  1. Rocky C's Avatar
    What is your MOS ???
  2. TunTavern1775's Avatar
    It's combat support
  3. Rocky C's Avatar
    You nedd to say what kind of Combat support so the Marine you need to speak to can answer you.

    Combat support is too Vague.

    Do you know how many MOS's there are that are involved in Combat support???

    EX, Air, Ground, Intel, etc, etc, etc.
  4. bcowperthwaite's Avatar
    CE is a program, not an MOS. You will eventually be assigned a single MOS in the combat support field based on your ASVAB scores and the needs of the Corps.