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Composite Score Calculator!

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Just in case anyone is interested, my friend and I created an accurate Composite Score Calculator in Excel since we were fed up with the one on MOL. If you want to try it out, just go visit my website, !

If you have any questions, comments, or requests, just let me know! Thanks!


  1. fireandice's Avatar
    is this legit? If so How would I go about letting my command know. With this I my score is 1707 and to pick up in January I need a 1706
  2. Shadowless's Avatar
    Yes, this is legit. This was set up using the exact methods detailed to calculate the composite score you get each month. It took a while to find the sources since the order hasn't been properly updated yet (go figure) but I would certainly expect that whatever score you calculate for yourself is what you should wind up getting.

    If it is incorrect, then there are two possible things wrong. First of all, you need to make sure that you and IPAC have the same information. If you think you shot a 315 and IPAC has 295 written down, you need to get it fixed, pronto.

    The second possibility is that your MCIs haven't been processed yet, and might not count until next month. Sucks, but sometimes it takes a few weeks for them to go through, and you might not get credit for everything you have done. It's important to get them done as fast as you can.
  3. Vincentz's Avatar
    There is word going around that the GMP is going to be divided by 3 now sence the CFT is now being incorperated. With you scoring system, its just giving everyone with a CFT an outrageous composite score. i've been a CPL for 7 months now and your system is saying i should have a 1870 + . Your system is just adding the CFT score to there original comp. score and that would give everyone up to 300 points extra ontop of ther original score. I dont think thats correct.
    But that is my question how is the new CFT being incorperated into the composite score?
  4. WearsTheRank's Avatar
    I just went through the same thing myself... I was told my MOL score was legit... bc it was just adding my CFT score to the everything, so I was thinking I was gonna pick up. But I went and talked to my IPAC and S-1 and its just like you said. They printed out my MCTFS score and broke it down for me. The CFT score is going to be averaged into the GMP. And even though, it has the chance to beef your score up a little, I'm sure you've noticed that cutting socres have also gone up! lol. Good luck!