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Crash Fire Rescue!

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[SIZE=3]Hi, [/SIZE]
[SIZE=3] My fiancee is in Parris Island right now and his job is Crash Fire Rescue.I was wanting to know from someone who has lived it the truth about the job. So anything that anyone can tell me would really help me out because I have heard different things from different people and I just want the truth. So anything that someone can tell me would really help. Thank you.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3] -Michelle[/SIZE]


  1. CRASH CORPORAL's Avatar
    Its the BEST job in the CORPS ........24 on duty 24off and 48 on 48 off . Its just like being a civilian fire fighter. It can be boring at times, but being bored is good . The less you have to work means less marine are getting hurt. "Crash crew" works less than 4 months of the year if you take in to consideration that (1) you are off 24hrs if you work 24 plus 30 days leave per year plus any federal hollidays for which you may get a 96 and plus misc days off you may get. He got lucky, the MOS is almost non existatnt since the govenment is contracing the work to civilians.
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  2. Eye of a 155's Avatar
    Simply stated, you need to ask your financee. It will be the both of you at the end of the day so you need to be truthful with him, or her. Cross reference on crash crew and the Marine Corps, there you will be able to see just what is required of the job! Hope all is well for the both of you.
  3. nelsonrj's Avatar
    I know this reply is 4 years after the fact and fiancee or husband may be out of the Corps by now. Crash crew can be very hazardous. In Da Nang 1970 a Phantom came in on fire with ordnance still on some stations(Bombs). The brave Marine Crash Crew attempted to hose the ordnance down to keep them cool while the fire was extinguished. The bombs cooked off blowing 5 Crash Crew Marines to pieces.This happened sometime in July or August 1970. I didn't witness this, I heard the explosions. I was on bunker duty near the main gate.To me these men were as brave as any Marine who gave the Ultimate Sacrifice.