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Questions for Marines, who recently (less than 1 year) graduated from BRC.

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So I have had these questions asked a few time on other sites. I am not a Recon Marine, but I am hoping a new grad from BRC can knock these out for future Marines, and Recon hopefuls. Thanks, gents.

Questions for Marines, who recently (less than 1 year) graduated from BRC.

What is the longest run at SOI and BRC?

What is the longest swim?

What is the longest hump?

How often do you take the PFT and CFT?

I have seen a youtube video of Marines at BRC running with a gas mask on. How far is that run?

What was the biggest shock for you and your classmates?

What was the biggest reason for drops?

Detailed answers are what I am looking for, and any other advice. I am tired of "old timers" telling future and young Marines lies, wise tails, and straight sh!t. Thanks again Marines.


  1. Old Marine's Avatar
    Now Marines are "Gents." Makes you wonder what is next. Oh, I already know. The answer is calling Marine Corps Officer's by their first name.
  2. MicMarine's Avatar
    Officers have been calling each other by their first name since my uncle was in, I was 10 or 11. So I will call Marines gents when addressing an all male unit. If gents is an insult to you (which is the abbreviation for gentlemen. Which is how you address multiple officers at one time), tough its my blog, get over it and have some prune juice.
  3. busmc17's Avatar
    In 1954 I heard Marines referred to as "gents", used it myself till 1975. I even said "please" to grubby Grunt in Nam....he still thanks me for it. We both laugh.
    Thanks for listening gents.....and ladies too if you are present.
  4. recon comm god's Avatar
    MicMarine, I cannot answer about how BRC is ran these days, but what makes a Recon Marine will never change. People drop mostly because they quit. The training is designed to weed out the none hackers.
  5. jpetito's Avatar
    Look at it this way: I once said "thank you" to a gunnery sergeant, and he said: "Don't thank me, the Marine Corps thanks me twice a month." I think the assumption of "gentlemen" (or ladies) is inherent with earning the right to wear the uniform.
  6. lcpldriscoll122's Avatar
    3 miles is the longest run, longest swim is to the end of a pool and back, longest hump 9 miles 2 pfts i dont know about the cft because when i went it wasn't around and i graduated a little over a year ago, in the fleet you run it twice a year, you don't run with a gas mask get your gas mask learn how to use go into the gas chamber then hand it back in. cant tell you the biggest shock because it probably wont be the same and even if it was i wouldnt say because i want you to get the full experience, biggest reason for drops is probably rifle range or pft failures. and don't talk down or disrespect the "old timers" without them you would not even be typing on this forum.........semper kill
  7. gwamo1's Avatar
    Haha, all these comments and not one answer.... I was hoping someone had these answers.
  8. MicMarine's Avatar
    lcpldriscoll122 I am not talking about Recruit Training. I highly doubt you are a Marine, I think you are a poolee.