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Marine wanna be

What is it like for some1 like me?

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I just tried doing situps, walk a bit of distance, and I know I cannot do a pull up, and I failed in all these catagories. I know I have to go to PCP, but what is it like? will I be able to make it? I use to able to all these when I was 14 - 16, now I am 21. A little overwieght, but I wanted to do something with my life, and Marines has always been my dream that I never pursued.

From your experience how would it be for someone like me?

I am talking to a recruiter, so I would truly appreciate a response before I go do something I might regret. Please?!


  1. katolas's Avatar
    go on a diet lift some weights join the marines trust me from what i have heard the di's will get u in shape
  2. ROTORORDY's Avatar
    go to your local athletic shop get a sweat belt, wear it all the time, run and i mean get a heavy duty backpack put weights in it and run with it on your back. do sit ups every day atleast 300 or more (not all at once but in one day), eat right dont gorge your self with fats, lift weights and go to the sauna at yyour local gym and sweat the weight off youll get there
  3. Eye of a 155's Avatar
    "...Pain is weakness leaving the body." If you want it enough, you will get it! Remember, in the field you are a part of the team so you must be able to be mentally and physicall tough; the Marine Corps will take care of the rest! Good luck.
  4. twaustintcbc's Avatar
    As a Marine Recruiter from 2001-2004 I met plenty of guys like you "the xbox and playstation generation" Which is fine you can easily get yourself where you need to be and you should not need to go to PCP. In order to pass the initial strength test to go to recruit training you need to do 3 pull ups 45 sit ups and run a mile and a half under 13 minutes. all easily acheivable in a couple of months. If you are within weight take the plunge talk to your recruiter and join the DEP get with other poolees and get yourself in shape together. Peer pressure is a hell of a tool and once you have raised your right hand you will have the motivation to achieve your goals.
  5. TennesseeMarine's Avatar
    Very well put twaustintcbc. I was DEP for almost a year and this allowed me to be in excellent shape by the time I rolled to boot. Nothing prepares you for the mental though. That was the toughest part *but* I wouldn't have changed a thing now that I look back.
  6. Engineer Gunny's Avatar
    I just found this site and as a retired Marine that misses the hell out of the Corps, I say GO and get it! You would be surprised at how fast a young man can get in shape. Now is the time to start! I was a Drill Instructor from 1996 to 1998, and a senior DI and I can tell you from experience with over 500 recruits that if you have the Heart, your body will follow. You must be able to do 2 pull ups and run 1 1/2 miles in 12:30 and do 40 crunches in 2 minutes to pass the initial strength test. If you can do that, you won't have to worry about PCP. I would strive for that BEFORE you go to boot camp. I Graduated a recruit that was at parris island for almost a year! he went from MRP to PCP and back to training several times.
  7. ZaHickman's Avatar
    Just from the tone of writing I can tell you not to worry your self with PCP. You will find out what it is like, either in bootcamp or in the fleet (if you make it that far). Unless you have a serious change in heart, your enlistment will be plagued with constent reminders of your substanderd weight, and physical perfomance. Causing you great emotional pain, slow promotions, constent counselings, and an even worse attitude on life. Think about what the IST is. You can not sit up 45 times in a row. You can not pull your own body weight 3 times. You can not walk fast for a mile and a half. These are tasks that you, as a human, do every day. If the title Marine is what you want, you will have to work harder than the average Devil Dog. When your platoon PT's 3 times a week you will have to PT 5-7 times a week just to stay on par. Everthing you eat will remind you of that Sgt that eat's your a** before the sun comes up. Does this sound like something you might regret wannabe? OOhra!!!
  8. STGIFFORD's Avatar
    I was in your shoes Warrior! I was last on the initial PFT and I made it- why- HEART!
    You made a decission to join the Marines- now put your freakin mind to it- the more pain you put yourself through before you go- the less it will hurt when you get there- Expect Pain, Expect to be tired, Expect to be hungry, Expect the worste and it can only get better- Get off the Freakin Couch and get out there and do something- walk around the block for 3 hours- than rake your leaves, than do 10 push ups- go walk another hour- come back to 10 pushups- and do that for 8 hours- you might have an idea how it feels for one hour in boot camp! Semper Fi
  9. hbharrison's Avatar
    Went in the Corp in 65 was over a few pounds but by the time I got out of Boot i was fit and ready. So go for it if you realy want it that bad you will git it.
  10. jessusmc2008's Avatar
    hey man dont know if youve gone or not yet. I lost about 90 lbs before i went to boot camp. my Brother in law is a marine and he advised me that it would be best to lose the weight before going to Boot because your at boot camp longer then 13 weeks if your PCP platoon.... you have to pass the crunches and run and P/U before you get dropped into a real platoon... i know that i didnt want to be there any longer then 13 weeks. and if your allready in shape then you have that advantage on alot of other recruits that arnt.... well good luck to you and dont give up... if your really want to join then you can lose that weight and do those P/U....
  11. sully0331's Avatar
    Get off the ****ing couch go run lift weights dont eat ****ing carbs...If your content with PCP then by all means do it, it will keep you on the island longer and out of the fleet where ****bags like that get eating for breakfast by Marines that PT like men...if you want it get if not stay home and be a xbox Marine like 90% of our nasty society
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