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4.5 4.5 why?

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I am a NCO I moved into this billet of mine that used to take 4 Sgt's but now there is just me doing it for the past 6 months and I am only getting a 4.5 4.5 my avg is 4.7 4.7 I know it is a new command for me but if I am doing a billet that took 4 sgt's to do not to mention I am also doing the PLT Comander job since next highest rank is a MSGT so I have to do the PLT Commander and the PLT Sgt jobs since I am the Senior Cpl here and yet I am onyl getting that I have done 22 MI's two combat deployments and I can not see how I deserve a drop in my pro/con yet they seem to be talking to me like they are doing me a favour I dont know what to do this is ****ing me off I dont even feel like trying anymore I mean I do my hardest and I get ****ed hell the Cpl who got nailed with drinking and driving is getting a 4.7 4.7 wtf is wrong with the CORPS now??


  1. KathrynG's Avatar
    Have you made a rebuttle on your counsiling sheet?
  2. MarineOpferman's Avatar
    Didnt know I could do that thank you.
  3. KathrynG's Avatar
    You have to make a rebuttle before you sign it. There should be a space at the bottom to write it in.
  4. MarineOpferman's Avatar
    Awesome thank you atleast I can do something about it thanks for teh advice.
  5. KathrynG's Avatar
    You're welcome. I hope you can get it fixed.
  6. ELTOROLOCO's Avatar
    There is more to a Marine than being able to do his MOS, don't forget that. When you get counseled, discuss the reasons you received the 4.5's, communicate effectively with your Senior about your Pro's and Con's. You're at a new unit and they seem to hold Pro's and Con's to a higher standard than your last,it happens. You might want to challenge them on that D&D 4.7/4.7
  7. The Sarge 4133's Avatar
    4.5/4.5 isn't bad, let's not forget. Many SNCOs/Officers/Units have a practice of overinflating Pros and Cons. Someone once got 4.9/4.9 when I was back in AAVs, and to my understanding, you'd have to be Jesus Christ singlehandedly eliminating Communism to get those marks. If you go by the BST (or MCCS, or whatever they call your green book of knowledge these days), 4.5/4.5 is a good Marine.
  8. marine95's Avatar
    As a platoon Sgt I use to start my marks at 4.5 4.5. Where they went from there was up to that Marine. Did they mess up? Do anything above their normal job? Take someone under their wing and guide them the right way? There is no such thing as a 5.0 Marine. Thats the bottom line.
  9. sakoelker's Avatar
    The regulations are in chapter 4 of the IRAM (MCO P1070.12k)

    It's always good to look that stuff up. Like the Marine we had last week going up for a Cpl board and she had 1 pro/con mark that was 3.8/3.8 and the rest were 4.5/4.6 and she did NOT know why she had 3.8/3.8. She didn't know that anything under 3.8/4.0 has to be documented by the CO in the form of NJP or Pg 11. So we fixed that for her.

    It's all about knowledge...inform yourself so you don't get ****ed by the Corps. Ended up that was a mistake on their S-1 shop's part.
  10. William Hardy's Avatar
    I don't know how things are now, but back in the late 60s and early 70s, the average marks were 4.2/4.2. If you got that you were a good NCO. People use to talk about 4.9/4.9 as water walkers. In my book, a 4.5 is saying you are well above average and doing an excellent job. Your previous raters may have had a different opinion of the scale....that is, 4.5 and 4.7 may mean the same thing, just two different raters. Marine95 starts at 4.5 4.5. If I were rating, I would start at 4.2 4.2. He might rate you at 4.7 and I might feel the same way but rate you at 4.4. See what I mean? I've been in your shoes. I never did think I would get enough points for promotion to SGT. Thanks to an outstanding OIC who figured out I needed a 4.9 4.9 to get promoted the next week, he gave me an extra set of marks so my total points would qualify me. I busted my butt for that man. After that, fitness reports were easier to figure out with all the comments that were made. You knew exactly where you stood by the rater and endorser. Pro/Con marks were not that clear.
  11. thunder0369's Avatar
    How is your PFT score? Rifle range? Ability to lead and influence others? What is the job you are doing? Do you do it willingly or require supervision? Do you show inititative? These things help determin pro/cons - or did during my time. And they are what I use (minus the PFT RR) in writting civilian reviews
  12. ronsmith's Avatar
    I would not worry about it too much. From what you are sharing if you are the Marine that you say you are you will get your just reward. It's very hard to keep a good Marine from shinning. Sometime we expect our just do on the drop of a dime. Sometimes politics play a role in the pros and cons system but again if you are who you say you are ultimately you will get what you deserve it's the way of the Corps. Perserverance outlast politics anytime. Hang in there. Semper Fi.