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Yellow Footprints, Parris Island 1964

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"From its beginning in 1915, the receiving barracks has been located in a number of places on Parris Island.

The initial receiving barracks was located at the old state of South Carolina quarantine station which stood on Ballast Creek where the Depot's club "Traditions' is located today.

During World War Two and Korea receiving was conducted at Building 145 in the Headquarters and Service Battalion Barracks complex.

In 1964 the facility was moved to Building 631, a 2nd Battalion barracks on Panama Street and at about the same time yellow footprints were painted on the pavement on which newly arrived recruits was placed.

In 1986 recruit receiving and the yellow footprints were moved to a new facility on Panama Street - Building 6000 - where recruits are today processed upon their arrival at Parris Island."


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    I hit PI in June of '64. I had completely forgotten about the yellow foot prints. Thanks.