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Charities Screwing Veterans

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Brother Marines,

I recieved an email from a Marine I have know for years, but like any other email I get that looks like it has been passed on time after time, I do my own research.

Please copy this and email it to every Marine and Veteran you know so that the word will get out. We owe this to one another!!

What I found, Shocked me and I am sure if you do your own research or use the links I post here, you will come to the same conclusion. The policy of Using A Charity Status For Personal Gains is very rampant across many IRS approved Charitable Organizations!! It is not limited to only Veterans!! Read On!!

Make sure the organization is truly a tax-exempt charitable organization. Check it out at the IRS website

Check Their Tax Returns
Your personal tax returns are confidential, but Public Charities tax returns are not confidential. Their tax returns are available for public inspection. Check out

Other Resources:

Other Articles:

Semper Fi,
Rick Penland


  1. kenrobg30's Avatar
    If I have any money left after our Bills are paid and groceries are in, I try to donate to Cancer research,The Heart research, or one of the childrens hospitals. I don't have any to waste on organizations who's CEOs get paid more than the President of the United States gets paid.
    S/F!!! Ken

  2. llhalterman's Avatar
    Looking for Marines who served with the 1st or 3rd Redeye Platoons on Naval Vessels from March, 1972-September, 1972. Contact: