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Conversation Between Johrai and Mjackson59

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  1. Haha Congrats man! Glad you made it! You're shipping shortly here. Have you nailed down an MOS yet or still under a general contract?
  2. Stick with it brother! Worth it in the end. Check around your library, the library in my home town has a bunch of free, high-school level remedial courses in English and Math. Might be worth a shot, but if you need to score higher sooner than that try an ASVAB study guide like "Asvab for dummies" or whatever it's called.

    In any case, good luck, Semper Fi!
  3. i just really needa pass this time bc ive done took it 4 times
  4. I couldn't actually find any ASVAB practice tests. I read up online and took some practice SAT tests to prepare. If I remember correctly, the largest portions were Mathematics(just around entry college level if you've taken any college), Mechanical Knowledge(really important for your General Technical score if you are hoping for an advanced infantry MOS like Reconnaissance), and Written Comprehension.

    I actually think there is an ASVAB prep book on Amazon. Can't remember what it was called, but I did fine without it. Then again, I have 3 years of college under my belt.

    Good luck mate!
  5. hey man wahts up, i seen u made a 96 on ya asvab...i just wana see if u can get me some insite on how u scored so high. did u study at all or what???
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