Conversation Between Marine1955 and chulaivet1966

Conversation Between Marine1955 and chulaivet1966

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  1. Yes...DocGreek beat me to it. Revel in your glory Marine. Congratulations!
  2. Holy ****.....I just saw that you are also 'Pilgrim' on the TWS site from your sig.

    I'm Wayne Evans over there but only subscribed/paid for one year until I was sure.
    I chose to go back to 'free' status.

    Hope all is well.
  3. Mornin' marine1955.....

    Haha....not at this moment but thanks for asking....the commute would be a *****.
    I still write/record albeit much more leisurely these days and have good software for recording.
    Since not being in live bands anymore I just record all instruments myself on my original stuff...except for some lead guitar parts which I prefer to defer to REAL good lead guitarists.
    Stay tough...
  4. Well do you need a Bassest. let jam
  5. Welcome aboard and have a nice stay your in good company here.
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