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Conversation Between CdNoal and davblay

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  1. Why thank ya dave!!! Yep, LCPL now, the corps gave me a lat move due to my hip problems so i'm at a new mos school!
  2. Well PFC.....uh L/cpl, damn. you guys are out growing me. Great to hear from you, I know you'll get that promotion.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my former pup, now brother.

    Semper Fi,

  3. Hey Dave!!! This is PFC Noal, soon to be LCPL Noal, just wanted to see how you are doing? I am already a friend of yours though you knew me as Poolee Noal on here.... I am enjoying the hell outta the corps, just wanted to thank you for the encouragement when I was in the Delayed Entry Program, you helped me along with making the best decision of my young life!!!
    Ooh-Rah, and Semper Fidelis!
  4. Turns out my liver is fine. But I do have diabetes now, dam it, I can't win it seems!

  5. I am doing well down here..tho pensacola sucks pretty badly from time to time....
    Did you end up getting that surgery you had told me about?
  6. Great to hear from you man, I wondered if you even remembered me!

    Good Luck at pensacola and in the Fleet, please stay in touch.

  7. Dave, How are you? I haven't spoken to you since I was a Poolee.... I'm now stationed at NAS Pensacola and I am the student Platoon Commander for the Naval Aircrew Candidate School...I love the Corps way more than I expected...

    Semper Fidelis,
    PFC Noal (formerly known as Poolee Noal)
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