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  1. ecfree,

    There's nothing like studying The Bible! Was sent an e-mail concerning this Nation's first mega church. One would've never known. It's veryr enlightning & informative. Also was sent one about the meaning and origination of The Twelve Days of Christmas which I think every Bible Believe should know. If I still have these I'll be glad to forward them to you if you desire.Ever read/study about Melchizedek? There's not much on Him! When Abraham returns with Lot...He's mentioned & in several verses in Hebrews. A very unique & interesting character. We become what we feed into our minds.
    Need to wake wife in six minutes so will scat hoping the rest of your week is great & all is well with you & your's. SEMPER FIDELIS BROTHER.
    Roger Dale Stewart
  2. Ed,

    When a MARINE needs help, he calls a here goes: This site has so many places to go to, I seldom know how to get where I want. There are several friend
    request I'd like to accept but have tried and failed several times to accept them. With some help on accepting them I would be able to visit more often. Thanks.
    Roger D. Stewart
  3. Ed,

    Guess I've already put in a request for P. I. Marines and just waiting to be accepted because when I click on to join it ask if I'm sure I want to cancel my request to join.

    Semper Fidelis,
    Roger D. Stewart
  4. Hey ROGER you're on my buddy list,thanks.....
    As far as the PI Social Group goes--------Go to "My Info" and click,you'll come to your info page...Go to left side and scroll down to Social Groups,click on and you'll see a bunch of them,you're good to go then....
    SEMPER FI.........................Ed
  5. Ed,

    Thought I'd already signed up on the P. I. Marines; if not so what needs to be done?
    Was first in P. I. about end of May 1965! Also would like the web site for VN I Corps Marines. Have sent you a friend request as well. Thanks for all. SEMPER FIDELIS.....

    Roger D. Stewart
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