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Conversation Between DocGreek and Quinbo

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  1. .......SEMPER FI.......NUMBNUTS!!!!!!......
  2. Great to see that you are still highly motivated and truely dedicated! Semper Fi Doc!
  3. ......ROBERT, thanks for the phone call!! Can barely type this after coming home from the eye Doc! Talk about DILATED!!!
    Talk to you SOON!......Doc Greek.......
  4. .....ROBERT, sorry I missed your call!! I fell asleep on the couch, with the local "mullet wrapper", and only woke up when my bladder was about to explode!!!!.....thanks again for the call!.....SEMPER FI......D/G.....
  5. ....Robert, thanks for the HELLO!! Hope you and family are getting settled okay! My BEST to you ALL!!!.....
  6. Semper Fi Doc!
    Hope all is well with you.
  7. Merry Christmas Doc!
  8. ......HAPPY THANKSGIVING ROBERT.....give the kids a pinch, and the wife a hug!!!....or the other way round???? SEMPER FI....Doc Greek
  9. ....THANK YOU, Robert!! You have my respect, and support. You ARE a friend!!!....SEMPER FI....Doc Greek
  10. Doc there is no apology needed from you EVER. It was probably something I did on my end. Hell I don't know to tell the truth. I had just noticed that my friends list went from 121 down to 119 and I knew when Achped deleted his profile that would be 1 but not 2 gone. I had looked at the friends editor thing and there were not check boxes by your name and thought I had done something to upset you. All fixed now. Water under the bridge

    Who the other one was will remain a mystery.

    We all know who our friends our and no need to fret over a check in the box.

    As for poolees and wannabes I have tried to maintain a personal policy to not add them until after they are wearing the EGA. There is quite a few on the pending side just waiting.
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