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Conversation Between mgkusmc and ecfree

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  1. Hey Bro,glad to have you back home....Now,empty some of that sand out of your scivies,have a cold beverage and get to know your new baby,,,,,,and wife all over again.....WELCOME HOME SARGE....
    Congrats on ALL you've accomplished,Marine...
  2. Hey brother,

    Thanks for the kind words on my wall and the prayers, I got back from the sand box early September and came home to a beautiful brand new baby boy who was born just at the tail end of my deployment, missed his birth by two weeks. But glad to be back, should be hitting the forums a little more regularly here in the next month or so.

    Oh and as of October 1st, I am now Sergeant Kirby, ooh-rah!

    Semper Fi Mac,
  3. Hey Mike,how ya doin brother?...We're all praying for y'all..
    don't know if you're in the sand box or the rock pile....Keep your head down and keep your powder dry...the last should be no problem...
  4. Hey Mike,how ya doin Bro?I got the thred "Parris Island Marines" made sticky.We now have 89 members,you realy started something hot bro.
  5. Hey Mike,we have 30 members now ,for "Parris Island Marines".
    See what you created bro.....
    Semper Fi Brother...
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