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Conversation Between 03Mike and vets rep

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  1. Hey 03 Mike. I am a fellow 0331 of more recent years. I served with 3rd Bn 5th Marines 1st Mar Div 2000-2004. The reason why I am contacting you was I was hoping to talk to you about your experiences in the Philippines.

    I was doing research on the topic of US military involvement in the philipines during the 1980s and after a google search I found a forum post that you made regarding your experiences there.

    I would love to be able to talk to you over the phone. Not only am I USMC veteran, but currently I am doing some volunteer work as a veterans representative. Part of my work right now involves doing research on USMC involvement in the philipines in the 1980s.

    Would it be possible to set up an e-mail conversation or possibly a phone interview. As you mentioned in your post, it is very hard to find anything official. All my research has only uncovered very general information. Any assistance you can provide will not only help me, but will also help a fellow devil-dog who served in the phillipines during the 1980s.

    Semper Fi-

    Sgt. Paul Kim
    3/5 WPNS Co. CAAT Plt. 1st Mar Div (2000-2004)
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