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  1. Sparkie, how the hell have you been brother? It seems like you havn't been on here much lately and I was starting to get worried haha. Just checking in to make sure all is well with you and your family.

    Semper Fi brother
  2. Well I've got some sad news. Its a long story but I didn't get Lance, which put me in a horrible mood for a few days. I've just realized that it doesn't matter, if I just do my job to the best of my abilitys, put out, and don't *****, it'll all be fine. Im heading to Beaufort,Sc to VMFA-224. Ill get you the adress as soon as I know, and if some kid wants some moto mail, you can always send them my way. It wasn't long ago since I was there, I would love to pass on any motivation that I can.

    Semper Fi brother
  3. Crap,,, You Lance? Seems like it was only yesterday you were wet behind the ears. Ok, My advice,,,, for what it's worth. Carry yourself like an NCO. Lance is make or break bullpucky rank. I know you're much better. When you have your perm addy I will send you all your letters,,,,, Your grandkids will have a good laugh. Got a kid who wants me to write, but he ain't got the spunk on the boards like you did. I will see.
    P friggin S. You can call me Sparkie, Brother.
  4. Good afternoon Sgt. I thought I'd give you a small update. I graduate friday from my C school. I am set to get meritorious promotion to Lance Corporal, I dont know where im going yet, hopefully Miramar. I hope all is well with you and your family.

    Semper Fi,
  5. Sorry Ken, I don't have access to a computer much and its a pain in the ass to load this site on my phone. Everything is great, I am currently flying back over to Cali for my C school. Im a 6217 F/A 18 Power Plant mech. I took second in the class at A school. One of my really good buddies took first and got meritorious Lance. Me and him are both going to the same school and will be the only Marines in the class. Im suppose to graduate school on the 25th of February and finally hit the fleet. Im motivated and ready to go on and to start doing my job.

    God Bless and Semper Fi brother,
    Daniel Vogt
  6. How you duin Son? I miss hearin from you.
  7. Sgt. I thought I would never be saying this, but in the Poolee forum in the thread, New Marine posted by Danno. Yeah, thats a kid in my platoon, one of our biggest **** bags, bringing his name up brings me to utter rage. I un****ed that kid daily, he didn't do anything himself and I almost **** myself when I saw his post. The kid doesn't even know how to wear his damn uniform, he freaking left the iron on his god damn shirt and walked away. It burn the damn neck on his freaking Charlies shirt. I'm just giving you a heads up about him.. He's a POS out the ass...
  8. Misson accomplished Sgt.
  9. Good to see you to Sgt, it was one hell of a summer vacation! Haha
  10. No rush,,,, Just good to see ya,,,,,,,,
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