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Conversation Between Benny215 and Pete0331

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    Under the operations paragraph:

    "The listing is not all inclusive as the CAR has been awarded in minor operations and for specific actions."

    This hasn't changed since I got both of them in 04-05. I'm guessing it depends how you write them up. Possibly my CWO wrote one up for Operation Iraqi Freedom (the entire deployment) and then another one specifically for Operation Phantom Fury (invasion of fallujah), so it may have counted as two operations in one deployment, I don't know. Everyone on my team (9 guys) was approved for two so mine wasn't just a mistake. I've also worn my ribbons just like that to quite a few inspections and Marine Corps balls and never been questioned about them.

    I honestly don't know what to tell you, maybe your just misinterpreting what they mean by "operation".
  2. Yes, I know what stars mean. Unless it has changed recently, a gold star on the Combat Action Ribbon isn't authorized since both would have been earned for the same general operation, OIF.
  3. You have stars on your ribbon display so I'm guessing you are well aware that a star indicates a second award of that ribbon. I don't think I'm understanding what exactly your asking me.
  4. Not to call you out Brother, but why do you have a star on your Combat Action Ribbon?
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