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Conversation Between Old Marine and chulaivet1966

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  1. Brother Guns.....
    Yeah....I'm ignoring him......I've seen many of his previous posts/responses and just shook my head...if you get my drift.
    Your assessment below occurred to me too.
    I said in my first post in that thread that I did some looking but didn't find what I was looking for.
    To presume I didn't use google or another search engine for my quest?
    I just didn't want to scroll through countless pages so thought I'd check in with some Brothers.
    It was a one word lecture as if he was talking to a five year old.
    Me...I have the skin of a snow tire and would never make something out of nothing, especially in an open public forum.

    How's tricks with you?
    I do hope you and all in your orbit are doing well and staying ornery.
    Looks like you and I are above the dirt again today so no whining from us!

    Holy shvt...I'm sure those yellow footprints stories are stellar for the funny bones.

    Thanks for the note and always happy to yak with you.
    Stay tough Guns...
  2. Hey Wayne: How you doing. Ignore the kid Joseph. Just a young kid who thinks he is a big hero. I could tell you some funny **** about the yellow footprints when Gen. Brute Krulak used to take off his stars and button up his collar, then wait for the D.I. to show up to pick up the Pvts. Had to really be careful.
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