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  1. oldtop,

    forgot to say I wavied the USMC pension as the VA was higher,thats why they said I can't qualify. Is thais right?
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  2. oldtop,

    how have you been. I told you I got my back pay of 381.00 and a monthly increase of 64.00 ************* says there is a screw up on the program. Do you know what is going on with crdp and crsc? I can't figure this out,and can't get any answers.

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  3. oldtop,

    well I just talked with someone with the CRSC. I got a whopping 64.00 extra a month. I talked with one of my friends from MOPH ,he was with Echo 2/1 also he is 100% disabled. He qualified for the CRSC. He was not very happy with the ammount. I laughed my ass off at him because he was counting on more money so he could by property down in Florida. At least I know better than not putting all my eggs in the same basket.
  4. oldtop

    Check ************* benifits,they say CRDP is being restored for military retirees with backpay from January 2005. It occurs in 2 steps Nov. 3 paychecks for IU will reflect full CRDP so they in effect,will begin drawing full Military retirement again on top of the VA compensation. Later (unknown when).The IU retireees will get a lump sum payment for full CRDP back through Jan 2005.

    Also The Military Officers Assoc. Of America it has found a glitch in the CRSC expansion law.It impacts some enlisted people with less than 14 yrs of service who have high overall disability awards but low rated combat related disabilities. They will not be eligible for CRSC even though they currently forefit any service earned retired pay under the VA disiblity offset. MOAA has briefed Congressional Committees on a proposed fix.

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  5. did you get my last PM?


    The pay is not what everyone thinks.....
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