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  1. This is being Kept quiet as it were, as the wedding was cancelled in October, Informing those that do not need to know it was all down to Me and Visas fore the USA.

    She's Suffered enough without her name being advertised because of this.

    there are photographs of the Bruises all over her taken by a girl whilst they were getting changed for the wedding, this guy is a brutal violent bastard, mostly always to females , never heard of him getting "angry" at a guy... then he just runs away.

    Let me know if you have any ideas...Thanks


    Ps He works as a Nightshift Shelf stacker in Walmart Missoula montana
  2. Anyhow whilst in Montana, she was Raped by this low life, it was reported to the police, but unfortunately his father is the D.A. and there ended that. So is there any way that I can get something done? for his claims of Being an ex MARINE.
    I want to head over to Montana and remove the bastards testicles via his nose, but I have been told by a friend in Hamilton Montana, that since I was last there he has basically got me on a watch list via the police, The Brave guy went to Salt Lake the day I arrived and stayed there until a few days after I left, I told him that I only wanted a "chat" when I got there ... and poof he was gone!
  3. Hi Eleanor,

    Need some help with a problem!

    there is a TWAT in Stevensville, Montana, Patrick Fulbright. Who is claiming to be an EX USMC, injured in the line of Duty and Medically discharged. Turns out he did not even get past WEEK 4 of training, and the discharge was due to a medical Problem he had upon Joining up.

    If you check on Facebook you will get 2 Patrick Fulbright's, the one Spelled FULLBRIGHT is a genuine US Marine, FULBRIGHT is not!

    My FiancÚ is very trusting of Marines Due to her family history and background, Her "Dad" is an Ex US Marine Recon Captain, and her Great Grandfather was Col. Shannon, Commanding officer at Midway in WW2,
    lol family friends included people like Eisenhower and Nimitz (you can imagine the stick I get for being ex-Army!)
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