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The french TDM

This blogs is dedicated to the French Marines Units

  1. French in AFg

  2. Clip of my regiment the 21 RIMA we call it the small Legion in France

  3. French 3 RIMA singing in Afganistan

  4. Brother In Arm

  5. 8 RPIMA in Afganistan

  6. Full History

    The Troupes de marine originate from the compagnies ordinaires de la mer created in 1622 by Cardinal Richelieu. They were troops dedicated to naval combat. The French colonies were under control of the Ministère de la Marine (analogous to the British Admiralty), so it used its marines for colonial defense as well. The pre-Revolutionary "infanterie de la Marine" was made up of:
    • "La Marine", formed from the "Compagnies ordinaires de la mer", created in 1622,
  7. History

    The Troupes de marine, formerly Troupes coloniales, are an arm of the French Army with colonial heritage. The Troupes de marine are dedicated to service overseas. Despite their title they have been a part of the Army since 1958.
    Soldiers of the troupes de marine are likely to spend much more of their service overseas, particularly in Africa, than other French soldiers. The troupes de marine include infantry (including light tank units and airborne units) and artillery. The Troupes de marine ...