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  1. bigtee69's Avatar
    So many memories of boot camp and 1106. One memory that really sticks out was spending several hours scuzz ragging the squad bay one Saturday morning becasue one of the recruits told the DI somebody ****ed under his rack. Can't beleive it has been 33 years.
  2. bfr74vz's Avatar
    Platoon 1106 Dec-81 to Mar 82 I couldn't remember the name of SSGT Pitts, he replaced SSGT Liu. Fisher,Wagner, and Bagwell I will never forget them. OOHRAH
  3. bigtee69's Avatar
    I was in PLT1106 PI. I remeber those DI's, as well as SSGT Liu (spelling?) who was the SDI before Pitts came along.

    Semper Fi