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  1. Marines and SuicideGirls

    So a friend of mine tells me that she wants to become a Suicide Girl. Basically, a softcore website that doesn't promote porn, but basically showing strong women in the working world depicted as 1940s and 50s pin-up girls. When she first told me that she was interested, i was happy for her and excited. But one day after visiting the site, i thought, "didn't a female marine get in trouble for the same thing with playboy?" and when i told my friend that i didn't think it was going to ...
  2. unsure of moving on up

    My name is LCpl A and I love the Marine Corps. I have been on the Corps roller coaster, however, where one minute everything is peachy keen and the next everything is at it's worst, but i am very unsure of what choices to make next.

    I have a "God Awful" command (who doesn't) and sure I have hit my speedbump in the past where I'd be lucky if i got an hour off from duty or some other punishment, but that was over a year ago and i've proven myself.

    The Marine ...

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