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  1. My buddy's rants

    This is a couple emails my buddy sends out. I DID NOT WRITE THIS. I am just posting it here to see what others think.

    Most of you know I follow politics. Not the die hard, not the “oh this is popular” bandwagon either. I have my beliefs, as do you. Here is my view on some things:

    Celebrities endorsing politics in like saying porn stars are real actors. I would like to see the bank accounts (all accounts) and see who was paid to endorse President Barrack Obama. Why is it that ...
  2. Just got pinned, but....

    I just got promoted to Staff Sergeant. However, I have never been promoted on time. PFC was a month, LCpl was 3 months, Cpl was 2 years, Sgt was 7 months, and SSgt was 10 months and 3 days if you want to be a real tight @ss.

    Back pay is great, but what about all the crappy working parties.

    Off to the uniform shop, then lunch with with my old SgtMaj, wet down tonight.
  3. The old timers, salty dogs...

    To: The old timers, salty dogs, the golden aged, the warhorses, the bitter, and those giving advice that entered and exited the Marine Corps after 3years, 20 to 40 years ago giving advice to the future of the Marine Corps, that come off retarded or bitter or I am better than you. This will tick someone off, guess what I don't give a damn. These are my opinions.

    I have read the "advice" given to poolees and future Marine hopefuls that visit this site. What a waste of time. ...

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  4. Questions for Marines, who recently (less than 1 year) graduated from BRC.

    So I have had these questions asked a few time on other sites. I am not a Recon Marine, but I am hoping a new grad from BRC can knock these out for future Marines, and Recon hopefuls. Thanks, gents.

    Questions for Marines, who recently (less than 1 year) graduated from BRC.

    What is the longest run at SOI and BRC?

    What is the longest swim?

    What is the longest hump?

    How often do you take the PFT and CFT? ...