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  1. Freedom Tax

    Freedom Tax

    As the war continues in Iraq and our country becomes more and more divided over the issues and the possibility of having to reinstate the draft or some type of lottery system in order to supplement our combat units that are being depleted twice as fast as they can find replacements to train and send to Iraq.

    So for your review and consideration I have come up with a few suggestions of my own that may solve the problem. In order to avoid the riots
  2. What's Special About a Marine?

    What's Special About a Marine?

    Author: unknown


    Ask a Marine what's so special about the Marines and the answer would be "Esprit de Corps", an unhelpful French phrase that means exactly what it looks like - the spirit of the Corps, but what is that spirit, and where does it come from?
    The Marine Corps is the only branch of the U.S. Armed Forces that recruits people specifically to fight.
    The Army ...

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