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10-24-10, 03:58 AM

My name is Josh and I was wondering if any of you Marines out there can tell me what it is like being a parachute rigger consists of. I know the basic duties of the MOS but I am just wondering what the daily schedule consists of.

Thank you to anyone that post and helps out with my question.


10-24-10, 06:41 AM
all depends on who you end up being stationed/attached with...I know a rigger who is with 1st recon and he gets to do some pretty high speed stuff, I also know of others that are with the wing and they don't do $hit but pack and stitch shoots all day

10-24-10, 05:01 PM
Another question, will I ever get the chance to jump?

10-24-10, 05:43 PM
Another question, will I ever get the chance to jump?

Jumping is a requirement for being a rigger. We don't want anyone packing our parachutes that won't jump them. Airborne school is part of the school pipeline for riggers. You would go to boot camp, MCT, Airborne School, and then rigger school.

10-24-10, 06:42 PM
OK thanks for your help Marines. If anyone has anything to add on to what it is like being a PR is will be greatly appreciated.


10-24-10, 09:31 PM
Josh, you will go to Fort Benning for "Stillborn", er I mean "Airborne School" in Columbus Georgia after MCT. Then you will go to Ft Lee for "Rigger School". I have a friend who just did this and is now in the sandbox.

Word to the wise, Ft Benning is laid back compared to what you will be used to. So, keep in mind you will need to maintain your bearing and keep it in tact for your next school.

Ft Lee, your detatchement chain of command are hardasses. Also, if any Marine sells you something, get a signed receipt from him with his name and rank and drivers license info on it and get two Marines to sign the receipt that you received it from said Marine. My friend was sold something stolen and got screwed.

10-24-10, 10:46 PM
Thanks for the info and I'll keep all of that in mind.

Anything else from anyone? Getting some good info in here.