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10-02-10, 12:27 PM
Anyone actively kayak down rivers or anything for that matter? I really wanna get into it, and I heard it works the **** out of your arms. They're cheap to buy, easy to maintain, etc. I got the Salmon River nearby here and when it rains, it gets RAPID, so it would be fun.

10-02-10, 12:35 PM
Cheap kayak gives you cheap performance. There are differences in kayaks once you start shelling out money; besides obvious differences in construction there's the issue of balance, rudder design, displacement; how fast the prow will cut through choppy waters; how strong the hull is when you're in low, rocky areas.

It's great for the arms, shoulders and midsection as well. You're also going to be completely out pacing those rafts and canoes out there in most cases.

Get yourself a good paddle, safety gear and maybe some time with someone who's done it before. It's a hell of a lot of fun in some good chop.

10-02-10, 01:02 PM
and don't forget the ice axe!

10-02-10, 01:15 PM
I have never flipped or tipped a Clack-A-Craft.

Kayaking looks like fun, but so is fly-fishing, without getting wet.

10-02-10, 01:16 PM
My father owns a 20' Lowes John Boat. This summer, I was out on Fisher's Island Sound everyday Blue fishing and Bass fishing.

10-02-10, 01:27 PM
Whoopee. Motor and all.

Try drifting.

10-02-10, 01:29 PM
Well I plan to, when I can save up some cash and not keep dumping it into my Audi for gas, I'll get a Sport Kayak and lay my pole down next to me. :D

10-02-10, 05:47 PM
We drove right past Clackacraft on Hwy 212 this morning and realized how much more enjoyable it would be slaying record run Coho Salmon, than trimming and shoeing horses this weekend. They had a lot of boats on display that needed a home, signs of the economy i guess

Old Marine
10-02-10, 06:06 PM
Want to run a great coarse. Right downtown Reno, Nevada on the Truckee River there is an Olympic coarse. A park overlooking the river for spectators. Great place.